New Bobtails

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Tanks: 2600 WG5900 WG

Meters: (Liquid Controls) –  (Neptune)

Belly Valve: (Rego Flowmatic) – (Fisher)

Pump: (Blackmer) – (Corken)

Hose Reel: Hannay – Aluminum w/Guidemaster

Hose: 125 ft. (Standard)

Tank Gauge: (Float Style)

Evacuation Valve: 1 1/4” (Standard)

Bypass valve: 1 1/4” Blackmer (Standard)

PTO: Chelsea Hot Shift (Standard)

Nozzle: 90 Degree, Minimum Bleed w/Swivel & Holster (Standard)

Piping: 2” Schedule 80 w/(Stainless Steel) Ball Valves

Lights: Betts LED w/Elevated S/T/T & Swivel Work Light (Standard)

Emergency Controls: Air Operated (Standard)

Paint: White Polyurethane

Chock Blocks: Aluminum (Standard)

Fire Extinguisher: 20# Dry Chemical w/Bracket

Deck: Aluminum Deck & Fenders, DOT Bumper w/Tow Ring

Remote Control: “Base” Single Function (Standard)

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