Crane Trucks Design

PETCO Aluminum Crane Service Trucks

             When weight savings means more payloads, then the PETCO Aluminum Crane Service Body is definitely the right answer. From a Serrated Aluminum non-skid safety deck surface to custom cabinetry to maximize your storage capacity:



            Our design starts with our standard 12ft (PETCO 960A), 14ft (PETCO 1500A), or 17ft (PETCO 2000), and evolves into the finished unit that fits your Installation needs. You have your choice of either Electric/Hydraulic, or Full Hydraulic cranes with lifting capacities from 4500# to 8000#. Cabinets can be filled with shelves, storage bins for small parts, tool storage cabinets with locking drawers up to 60” tall, or simply open space for larger items such as small compressors, or pipe wrenches.

As a Full Service company we also offer smaller crane units for installation on your existing pick-up truck service units or flat bed trucks. Additionally, we service and repair most of the major brands of cranes currently being used in the Industry today.

The PETCO units come standard with spring reinforcement, 20# fire extinguisher, tool box protector railing w/boom rest, Vertical e-track on the headboard and protector railing, chock blocks w/bracket, Retractable Vise mount W/pipe holder, trailer hitch w/wiring harness & trailer light receptacle, LED lighting w/back-up alarm, work light, and Flip Placards.

Options for your Service unit include 1600# Lift Gates, lifting slings from 3ft to 11ft, tank cradles, tank stacking supports, compartment lighting, pipe vise, auxiliary power receptacle, e-track straps, tie-down ratchet straps, towing packages w/brake hook-up, and auxiliary power receptacle.

Purchase your own chassis, or let us provide one for you. It’s still YOUR choice. Contact us today and lets get started with the unit that will fit your needs.

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