Parts Breakdown

Petco is pleased to provide Parts Breakdowns for many of the larger pieces of equipment used in the Propane Industry. We will continually update this information on our Web site for our customers convenience. The following are the breakdowns we currently have available:

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Blackmer Pump TLGLF3C

Blackmer Pump TLGLF4B

Blackmere Bypass Valve (BV125) (BV2a)

Corken Pump Z2000

Corken Pump Z3200

Corken Pump Z4200

Corken Bypass Valve (ZV200)

Liquid Controls Meter, Air Eliminator, Strainer, Differential Valve

Hannay Hose Reel, Guidemaster

Neptune 4D-MT Propane Meter, Air-Eliminator/Strainer, TVC, Inlet Check, Differential Valve

Neptune 4D-MD Dispenser Meter

Rego Flowmatic Belly Valve

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